Sunday, March 28, 2004

Thanks Ben and Luke for your comments.

hmm..perhaps I misread the posts at ChristianGuitar.org. Let me rephrase it. Sin exists, but it has nothing to do with them. It can't possibly do anything to their status as a Christian, if they welcome it with open arms, embrace it, or even worship it. One person actually asked me "So, now you can sin your way out of salvation?".

I would go into it further, and possibly will later, but we have a concert to do in a few minutes. Luke, I didn't mean any offense. The idea that turning your back on God does not separate you from Him is very, um, not in line with what the Bible says. I will never convince anyone of that, but it's up to each in his own heart to decide. The part I think is dangerous is to be teaching a new believer that. If you wish to have that belief and never push it on anyone else, then that's fine. You'll account for that yourself. But to tell someone else they can do anything they want and never be separated from God is ridiculous!

Rev. 22:15 lists the types of people that won't be in heaven.
1 John 5:18 tells of how Christians will not continue to sin.
Other places in the Bible (I'm short on time) warn not to trample the Grace of Jesus and keep on sinning.

Don't change that channel. We'll be right back! (uh......yeaaaaaaah)

On the serious side...do come back Luke. And comment all you wish! We might get into very interesting conversations and who knows...we might learn a thing or two from each other :)

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