Thursday, April 29, 2004

A few days ago we thought we saw a wolf in the woods next to the on-ramp to the highway. Since there are a lot of woods nearby we thought it was pretty plausible. Then someone tells me they were re-introduced 34 years ago. AUGH! I looked it up online and it said they weren't. Ahh. I had also been told that mountain lions lived around here. Now that really scared me. I read a book about ML attacks and I did NOT sleep well for the next few nights. But I consoled myself with the fact that none of them live around here. Seems some people claim to have seen them, but it's still disputed. If you like a good scare (and don't mind a lot of blood and guts) read the book called Cat Attacks.
The next time we got on the highway (the next night in fact) we saw a cute little red fox, eating something on the ground. Foxes I don't mind. We live in town, so there isn't a whole lot of wildlife right here, but very closeby there is a lot of wildlife. Bears, deer, foxes, fishers, etc., etc. The stories vary, especially those I've heard of fishers. They are a small cat like animal, I just read somewhere they weigh 7 lbs. However they seem to be very fierce, taking down large sheep dogs. hm. Dunno about that one. One of them did take down a friend's rat terrier. Their two dogs went out into the woods together (a beagle and the terrier) and only the beagle came back. A few days later the beagle went out again and came back with pieces of the little dog and his skull :\ That scared me entirely, after hearing about how vicious they are, and how many there are in the vicinity of our house. After years going by and only seeing one or two...I guess they don't come out and attack as often as they say :D

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