Monday, April 05, 2004

I've been neglecting to write because of everything that's been going on. I'm almost done with my taxes.

I watched Life is Beautiful for the first time. I cried! I had heard about it when it came out but never got a chance to watch it. If you haven't, watch it. It's a *great* movie.

I read Band of Brothers, finished it this morning. It also is a great book, about the company 'Easy' who parachuted into Europe. Very informative and interesting.

I made a coconut/chocolate cake yesterday then invited the nieghbors over for dessert. Their supper wasn't done yet, so they came over and chatted over cake and coffee, then went back and dinner :D
More company tonight! I almost can't believe it. With us being gone a month ago, and all the stuff we had to do on the bus, we almost never had company over. Last year we had a few parties, they were so fun! I like to set out everything buffet style, and get a few uno games going in the livingroom. The first time we had at least 8 people who wanted to play one game, it took us forever to get set up. That was one of the best ones though. Then I tried to make the same thing happen and the party was a flop. I made 8 or 9 pizzas, and then everyone left early (was it the pizza??!). lol. Bbqs are great too.

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