Sunday, April 18, 2004

Just came back from a little tennis. Tiring stuff that is. Especially because I don't know how to play. I basically ran around serving back balls I missed. Oh well!

I'm just as bad at volleyball. That's probably why I'm a musician :D

After doing almost a full day of shovelling on Saturday my back is starting to ache. It really hurt last night. Tomorrow we have to spread the crusher tailings for our backyard parking space for the bus. :p

This morning I got up at 6:30. I made the mistake of leaving my windows open and the birds woke me up. Not that I don't like the birds, just that one that one that sang out of tune. heh.

I have decided I overuse three words. 'Heh', 'eh', and 'anyways/anyhow'. Do I care? Heh. Eh...not really. Anyhow :D

I learned a few words a few days ago. One of them was 'reprehensible'. I can't remember the other one. I guess I didn't learn it afterall!

I'm so tired. Doing all the shovelling tomorrow makes me even more tired. I like to shovel, so long as it's topsoil. It shovels really easy, and is actually fun to do. When you get into rocky soil, or piled up leaves/grass, then it gets to being boring and tiring. Yesterday I was ready to quit, when I just decided to give it my all, and not worry about if I got blisters (which I got two of, btw).So I did, and now I ache. Silly me. People seem to be labeling me silly lately....so I'll go with it.

Silly Me :)

(Websters Dictionary, Silly; harmless; simple; witless; feeble minded; foolish; indicating a lack of clear thinking and good sense; lacking in seriousness and substance, being stunned or dazed.)

yep, that's me!

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