Wednesday, April 21, 2004

My running is doing more than I thought; a few months ago my resting pulse was 74, this morning it was 55! That is great news for me, I haven't seen much progress with my running until now. For the past few days I haven't been running, I've been too sore. After my ankle thing I did a lot of manual labor (shovelling, picking up rocks, etc etc) getting the parking spot ready for the bus. Which resulted in a sore back, sore legs, sore shoulders, etc etc. It's all caused by laziness. If I had been doing hard work all along they wouldn't be sore. And I did a lot of unicycling, down to the park and whatnot. That thing almost gave me as much of a workout as a short run does!

Speaking of the bus, it's got a busted engine now :( Dad and Vincent are working on it. They expect it to take about 2 months, which means no long singing trips for a while.


My readership has increased. At least one hit a day! Comment people :)

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