Thursday, April 15, 2004

Today my brothers did something I've only seen once before, and it was on TV. They rode their unicycles (one of them is a regular one, the other one is 5' off the ground) and played their trombones! We got QUITE a few looks, especially after I joined them on trumpet :) I'm still kind of unsure of myself on it, so I am practicing without the trumpet for now. They're really good on them though. I'll try to get pics as soon as possible.

I got a hit from Pieter Friedriches' blogspot (did I use that apostrophe right???!!) today, do him a favor and visit :) www.pieterfriedrich.com

Lunch for next 10 days, noodles and gatorade. Read this story about how a 5 year old survived 10 days after a car wreck eating noodles and gatorade.

I mean, how many noodles do you usually have sitting around in your car? It might be time to make that decision and start taking them with you....just in case ;)

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