Friday, April 02, 2004

What a busy day. I puttered around this morning, doing some chores around the house, posted pictures here (http://www.christianguitar.org/forums/showthread.php?p=1306582#post1306582) of my guitar rack I built yesterday, and then at 10 I got a call to fill in at work for a missed day at 10:30. We had to move a stove before I left, then I practiced for a few minutes. I left, got back with an hour to get to my next job, went for a run, ate, got to work, and got home at about 5. It's so nice to be home :)

Anyone who doesn't listen to Glenn Beck ought to consider starting! This is the link to check when he airs in your area. He also airs on XM radio. http://www.glennbeck.com/affiliates/index.shtml
He's just an incredibly funny, sarcastic, COMEDIAN conservative. People who listen all the time will understand the implications of him being called a comedian, rather than a 'humorist'. Some of his language I don't appreciate, but for the most part his show is very clean. I was hooked the first time I heard him. It's hard to explain what makes him so 'listenable'. You just have to try listening!

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