Friday, April 09, 2004

Yesterday I did 2 hours of yardwork (shovelling and running a wheelbarrow up and a hill) and today I'm sore :)

So I guess it's the perfect time to do the final totals on my taxes and get them sent off.

I put up orange curtains the other day, they look horrendous. I've got to change them as soon as possible, but I can't find my pink curtains, and I don't want to go back to the green ones yet. My wall is a light green (celery stalk, at walmart ;) and the trim is white, so I change my color scheme a lot. The orange goes with the green ok, but it just looks too bright. Combine them with the outrageously orange blanket I have and it's quite a slap in the face!

Went to the dentist a few days ago. One of my 25 (or so) fillings has cracked and needs to be replaced. Bleh, while I'm numbed I can't practice. Once in a while I get a 'bad' novacaine, and my nerves are hurting for a little while after the numbness goes away. Not good for playing trumpet.

Tomorrow we are having company, he's Italian so we're making him authentic Italian. I think we're having spaghetti and meatballs (cooked all day!!!!!), salad (probably ITALIAN dressing!), and I'm hoping we can make canolis for dessert. ahhhh. So good. They're fried shells you fill with a ricotta cheese/chocolate chips/confectioners sugar. They are REALLY good!

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