Friday, April 23, 2004

Yesterday I sent an email to Stu, Glenn Beck's producer. Glenn wants to have Tim Lahaye on the program, Stu doesn't think it's such a great idea. I think they ought to have him on.

I have a cold. I've had some sort of allergies for the past few weeks, now I've got a sickness for real. It's a sore throat, mixed with bouts of nausea. From what I hear it only gets worse. Some people experience dizziness. At least we don't have any concerts coming up soon. It's hard to sing with a sore throat! Today it's raining, it looks like the perfect morning to go upstairs, listen to Glenn and go through some of my clothes.

I had told myself not to blog about this, I can't even think of a word to describe how I feel about it. I have too many clothes. My sister and I volunteer at a second hand clothing store, and the most fabulous clothes come through there, of course we get first pick. I guess I feel ashamed that I should have a problem with having too much of what some of the world has none. I am going through my clothes yet another time and getting rid of everything I don't wear. Besides...it's hard to keep track of all my clothes. I think it will be much easier to keep my room clean after I'm done going through them.

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