Thursday, May 13, 2004

Instead of making a long post this morning I updated my profile here. It should be visible somewhere on the page here, I haven't checked it yet.

I really cannot understand why society is pushing girls in the direction they are going. If I'm not a brainy-major in college I'm a nothing! I've often wondered why young girls act the way they do. Their demeanor says "I'm better than you, I'm better looking than you, and I can do anything". They strut around (seriously, you can't call it walking) believing what they are taught; if you believe you are beautiful, and act as though you are beautiful, you will look that way to others. What a bunch of trash. For one thing, the outward appearance has little to do with real beauty. Their attitudes stink and no one has bothered to tell them that. Just act like you're the best, and you'll have great self esteem. Hello! What happens when they realize they're really not the best, and that was a childhood hallucination brought on by twisted realities as portayed by feminists? Girls, you are not going to be appreciated if you just walk around as if you are #1. That doesn't cut it, sorry! Read Proverbs 31 over a few times and compare that to what's preached today. And it's not all these girls fault, it is the entire society who created the need to look better than your peers in the first place. Sorry, we've let you down. Instead of teaching you about the role God has made for women, we've taught you about the world's role for women.

Man...where is this world going? Just had to get that off my chest. It might offend some, but it is a generalized writing, doesn't apply to all. If the shoe fits wear it. I just am getting tired of the girls' attitude I encounter so often, it says very directly "I'm the only one who matters". It's all part of the pagan "self" movement.

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