Monday, May 10, 2004

Someone came by today and dropped off a banjo and mandolin. She said she and her husband never play them and wanted us to have them. Woohoo! Now I can practice at the same time as my brother. He is the better player undoubtedly, but I'm sure we can cook up some duets that sound decent. It's all very exciting! Also, I'm gonna be working on some guitar stuff. I've got a processor (GNX1) that will slow down licks to 1/4 speed without changing the note.

Today I'm planning to hit 2 miles, I figure if I run slow enough I should have no problem.

Izzy Lyman, a friend of mine and the author of Homeschool Revolution has put me on her list of links! I'm so happy about that. It does give me inspiration to write, my hits have gone up. Thank you Mrs. Lyman! Note: Mrs. Lyman's blog is on my list of links.

Yet another person has clicked on my site because they looked up "Amy and Patrick Fata". I had blogged about going to their concert a few weeks ago, and it comes up like the 7th page at google for those search terms!

I bought a yodeling CD a few days ago at half.com. Can't wait to hear it. You've got to check out this yodeler and his sound clips. www.masteryodeler.com His name is Kerry Christiansen. Even if you are not the slightest bit into bluegrass/western/alpine music, he will impress you! My personal goal is to learn the chicken yodel :) Sound clips are under "Buy Kerry's Music".

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