Wednesday, May 26, 2004

This morning I called 1-888-727-BECK and waited on hold for an hour to get on my favorite talk show. Only, I didn't get on! The screener said she hadn't known I was on hold, and by the time she noticed it was too late for him to take my call :( She said to try again though, and I will. I was going to comment on how working hard together has made our family stronger. Pushing youself to the max - whether it be putting up walls in a bus in 30 degree weather, or pouring concrete, or doing drywall - while with your family creates some sort of bond. You all work together, you learn to look past your differences, and you learn how to work out problems. I don't know if this is a factor only in physical labor. Certainly working together on other projects is good, but there is something about physical labor. I remember as a kid I always would shirk my jobs, I didn't care one bit about getting the job done. I'd always be the one to run inside to get a drink of water, and end up 'drowning', so-to-speak. Somehow during the years I've learned to work with everyone else and I don't know where that initiative came from other than just learning to work.

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