Friday, May 21, 2004

Today I biked 5 miles to work, and then another 5 miles back. The terrain is mostly hills, the last mile of the trip is dirt road. It all averaged out to about an hour. It went really well, I was surprised that the hills were easier than last time. The bugs were worse though, they hit me all over the place. Yick. I think one of the reasons the hills are easier is that I've been doing a lot of unicycling.

I'm keeping track of all my formal instrument practice, I plan to total it up at then end of the month. So far it looks like about 20 minutes each on trumpet, guitar, and banjo.

I took my sister to the park today. What a time! She almost outran me across the park. I was exhausted after all that biking. I haven't been up to that park for a long time. Usually we visit the other park on the other side of the middle of town.

It says 81 degrees outside. It's 5:10pm. The weather report is brought to my computer by Weather Bug, from AIM. Wonder how accurate it is.

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