Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Today I looked up a word at dictionary.com. I was somewhat baffled at a friend's AIM name, which contains the word Baud. The closest match in my old dictionary here is Bawd/bawdy, which is definitely not descriptive of this guy! (heh, go look it up :)

So I got creative and looked online (I didn't want to look stupid asking what it meant, after confessing I wasn't exactly sure 'who' Halliburton was :D) .

Baud: A unit of speed in data transmission equal to one bit per second.

VERRRRY interesting :) Hey, you learn something new every day! Maybe we could try to all use that word in our everyday life.

I've noticed that when I think about how many visitors I get, they don't come! Then when I forget about it...more people visit :)

Hmm......I think I am having an 'overused smiley' night. Guess what I'm going to say next!!

You guessed it:


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