Saturday, May 15, 2004

Woohoo, yesterday I took a day off of being online, I touched the computer only ONCE, to make one click on a page my sister had opened for me. It is so good to be back on :)

I'm finding if I rant on my blog, I get more comments. So I will try to rant more often.

What to rant about? :/

I could rave about the flowers outside. They are just incredible! Some of the flowering trees are already past their peak, but there are plenty of other flowers out. Flowers are so nice. None of the plants I started have blossomed yet. When they do I'm going to take pictures of them and try to put a photo album online.

Your prayers would be much appreciated for my grandfather at this time. As most of you know he lives with us, in the past 24 hours he has been experiencing confusion, and loss of balance. He is here partly caused by some strokes he had, it is very possible that he's had another one. His recent condition is making it really hard to take care of him here.

I went running yesterday and only made it about a mile. I have a cold and just 100 feet or so into the run I was starting to feel uncomfortable. Very discouraging.

I was asked recently how many pairs of shoes I have. I went through them the other day and counted. I had 32, but I got rid of some so I have a few less.

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