Monday, May 17, 2004

Yesterday I had two conversations regarding Harry Potter. Whew. One of them was terminated by the other party on less than friendly terms. I'm really sorry about that. I haven't changed my view, but I think it was very unfortunate we couldn't at least leave on friendly terms.
Harry Potter is most openly and directly associated with witchcraft. To say that it is harmless simply because it is in the form of a children's book or movie is avoiding the truth. One person said it was only entertainment, it's harmless. The other person said witchcraft doesn't exist, it's all myths. There is a real spiritual force in witchcraft and it is something very bad. Bad enough that we should in no way imitate those practicing it. Being on a spiritual playing field rather than a physical one is it even more dangerous. We think our minds to be invincible on our own, able to withstand anything. We play with fire, not wanting to be burned, not realizing the possible outcome. How foolish can we be?

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