Friday, June 25, 2004

I get a lot of hits from the search ' knee length hair '. There is a picture of my hair here but it's not knee length! I don't think my hair will ever reach that length. Right now it's just at about 36 inches, or a little past my waist. There is a formula online for optimum lengths of hair - some lengths just look awkward. If my hair keeps growing at the speed it is now I should reach 40 inches -my former hair goal- in about 6 months. I say former because I'm not sure where I want it now. Besides that, it's a little thin at the ends because my bangs haven't grown out fully yet. The waves in the picture are not natural, it ends up that way when I braid it wet and unbraid it after it's dried. When Ijust let it dry it still has a few stubborn waves I can't get rid of.

Another thing I get hits for is 'gunshotwounds'. I can't imagine why people look that up. I blogged it to clarify my use of the abbreviation GSW. If you're at google.com and just looked up gunshotwounds click on this link :D

heheh. Poor people, when they get here they'll discover there really is no information at all.

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