Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I’m writing this in Works Processor because my mom is on the phone. It’s about 3:00pm
and I just feel like writing. This is such a beautiful day. The sun is out, but it’s hazy and
about 95 degrees outside. I don’t know why this is such a happy day for me. Nothing out
of the ordinary has happened. The bus isn’t fixed completely yet, I haven’t talked to any
friends online, and I’m sort of wet and soggy in the clothes that I washed the bus in. God
is so good. I just have such a peace about life. This peace- that only God can give - is
what people strive for, and they think it is synonymous with everything in their life going
well. It isn’t. Life can be going terribly, and somehow in the midst of it God grants us
peace. It’s not just a feeling. Feeling good is a result of having peace, not the other way
around. I think the way God gives us peace is by giving us hope, and to have hope one
must have faith. To have faith one must have someone/thing to put their faith in. Jesus
Christ is the only one who you can put your trust in and have complete peace.

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