Thursday, June 03, 2004

Last night we had band rehearsal, it went pretty well. For one thing, we got there late, and we they ended early, and I got to play first! It was so fun. Played a few solos. But by the time we were on the last song, even Gs just above the staff were hard to play. Some of the music went up to B. I don't think I'll be playing first at any concerts, because more people show up for them and I don't practice the first parts enough (because I play third) to be able to play them without mistakes. I was so happy, the lead trumpet asked me where we were! Now usually on band music there are a lot of rests, so you have to be sure to count each measure so you'll come in at the right place (or depend on the person next to you). Well this guy is ALWAYS right on, he almost never loses his place. I was so glad I had been counting! Now I have something to practice for. I've stretched my endurance to the max, to play more I have to practice more.

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