Monday, June 21, 2004

Life looks bleak at the moment, and sober is the mood I'm in.

However horrible life seems there are always things that remind us of happier times, and sometimes there are things that return us to that blissful state of being closer to happy, if only for a moment. I opened an old magazine published in 1903. I read the back page. Seemed so fitting for this time in my life. Please read the whole thing.


Do not let the milk of human kindness in your heart turn to bonny-clabber*
If you do anything that is worth while, or you are anybody, you will surely be assailed.
That is your opportunity - keep sweet. If you are reviled, do not imitate your reviler and revile back; explanations never explain and vindications do not vindicate. Your life must justify itself--

(big font) KEEP SWEET!


Everything is being attacked ; and oxygen is the thing that is waging relentless war on things. Oxygen gives life, and it takes it. Oxygen disintegrates all vegetation, iron, even the rocks - all excepting rock crystals. Glass and porcelain are a species of crystal, made by artificial process - time does not affect glass and porcelain- these things absorb no poisons - are antisecptic and can be easily cleaned. That is why glass and porcelain are used in the WILKE REFRIGERATORS-they KEEP THINGS SWEET. And where the WILKE is in use the lady of the house finds it easy to KEEP SWEET.

*bonny-clabber- what in the world does that mean????

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