Tuesday, June 29, 2004

My flowers are being permanently damaged by the rain I'm afraid. Especially the cornflowers (bachelor buttons). They just bend over from the weight of all the blossoms soaked with rain. I'm going to have to cut them down a little bit. :( Next year I'll cut them short before they start to bud and that will keep them a little shorter without losing any blossoms.

I was disappointed with the zinnia I planted. The flowers are small and a little irregular. I think I planted the wrong variety. There is one that came up that I really like. It's deep red/orange and it constrasts so nicely with dark green leaves. I'll have to let that one go to seed and plant more next year.

Overall, I didn't plant enough flowers. Rather, I planted too many of the wrong kind. Some of my plants just never came up, and some of them seem to be stunted, they haven't bloomed yet. Maybe they will as the summer goes on. I'm going to write up a page on each type, what charateristics it has, how hardy it is, and where the ideal planting locations would be. Next year I'll be more organized (yeah RIGHT!).

I bought a Timex Ironman GPS watch on eBay. It measures speed - up to 400 mph - and distance. I've been looking at it for some time, but I got on ebay last night and bid on the next auction to end. I won it! I was so surprised, usually when I set out to buy things I end up waiting weeks, or even months, because I lose the auctions. Hopefully it will be here by next week. I still don't know exactlty what the difference between the 100 lap and the 50 lap is, but the 100 lap has more features to begin with, so I bought that one. I'll be sure and write a review on it after I've used it.

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