Saturday, June 26, 2004

This morning I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. They are the legendary 'Neiman Marcus' cookies. I think it makes over 144 cookies. The ball of dough is huge. 1 lb of butter in that thing. Later on I'm making baklava. I was going to make it last night but I did't get home from band until late, and it has to bake for 45 minutes + prep time. The admission to the family party tomorrow is a dessert, which is the reason I'm bothering to make them. Cheesecake was the first thing that came to mind, but I'm missing several ingredients for it.

We got a new stove from Sears yesterday. My mom said she is almost ready to call them 'Tears' instead of Sears. We bought a new stove a few months ago, when it was delivered it had a scratch, and althouh we contacted them about it and they said they would do something, they didn't follow through. We found out we could just have a new one delivered, for free, so we went with that. After we got the second one, we realized it was broken. We returned it. Another stove came. This one was broken also, but we called to have a repairman come out, to see if they would fix it under the warranty. He said, it's broken beyond repair (same damage as the second one), get a new one. So we finally got a stove that works and is not scratched or broken, this is the 4th stove we've gotten delivered. The new one that just came is the one for the bus, AND IT'S BROKEN!!!!!!! So it's going to be returned and a new one will be delivered. Seriously, Sears is losing out. They should hire people who don't drop their stoves off of the trucks. Oh well, as long as they keep delivering new stoves, I'm happy. And if your stuff comes damaged, don't be satisfied with it. They OWE you a perfect product.

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