Monday, June 07, 2004

Yesterday I went with my mom to pick up something about a mile away from our house. I drove the van down. I thought I did ok, even though I backed up into the parking space terribly crooked. Later that day I went down to the park on my unicycle with my brothers. An acquaintance of mine was walking out of his house and asked if I had driven a van by earlier. When I said I had, he couldn't stop laughing! I have no idea what made him do so. lol.

I'm tired of making this blog about what I do and where I go. I want it to have some substance. Doesn't seem like my life is terribly exciting right now, we've just been busy. So I'm going to do my best to find interesting things to write about, rather than myself.

I read a book called Tortured For Christ. I was very hesitant to read the book, only because it really scares me to read in detail about things like that. However the book did not detail the persecution so vividly as I thought. Don't get me wrong, it was incredibly moving, only the author did so without describing his ordeal. You ought to read the book, Christian or not. Just read it and draw your own conclusions about these Christians who suffered under the Russian Communists. It is very sad, and made me ashamed of the way we western Christians live. There are still Christians suffering overseas in ways that we couldn't imagine, yet our lives go on, untouched by this tragedy, not batting an eyelash, not lending a helping hand. There is a way for us to help!! They need money for Bibles, for food, for medicine. www.christianaid.org I highly encourage you to give to this organization, as 100% of your donation goes to the ministry specified. Your money can make a difference, and you can afford it. Not only do we have freedom, but we have food to eat, clean water to drink. These people sometimes have none of this, and as our fellow brothers and sisters they deserve our help.

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