Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Enter: Cold #2. I really have a problem. At the moment, I have an ear infection, tooth infection, and a cold. Who knows what sickness will befall me next. I'm on antibiotics, but apparently the ear infection is viral, and the cold is obviously viral. In the meantime I've cleaned my room a little bit, and had more than my share of poptarts and chocolate chip cookies (which are going to make my sickness worse, but oh well, I'll be a miserable person without them :P)
I've probably described my room before, but I can't remember in what sense I did it(color, style, feel, literal physical, etc., etc.). To sum it up in a few words, it is bright, is full of rather disorderly statements, and more on the eclectic side than anything else. My room is functional. I have all of my art stuff up there, like my clay, my beads/jewelry stuff, and my airbrush. I have two desks, one has a bookshelf built in below it which stores all my reference books. Most of them are craft/music related. I have three or four shelves devoted to books, plus the little space on the side my desk is full of books I'm currently reading (the space is near my bed). My room is generally a mess, but as a friend put it, "man, your room is such a mess, but you have such cool stuff up here". Whether or not the stuff is cool is debatable, but I noticed I have different things than most bedrooms do. I have so many mini-projects/hobbies going on in there I can't remember them all. Most of them have a place. I usually can find things, provided the floor isn't covered with clothes, which means I can't walk around very well. The walls are light green, the curtains at the moment are bright/light pink, complete with a few pink boas adorning the tops of the windows. On one wall I have a few old trumpets displayed, hooked on screws, and on another wall I have some hubcaps from kinds of cars that I like. On the third wall I have a tapestry, of a bridge and river. I also have a few posters up, of objects rather than people. I think I have some of my artwork hanging up somewhere, most notably a copy of a picture from a hummer commercial.   
I keep reading this through, and it feels so not like me. Not the content, but the description itself. I feel like I distance myself from stuff when I write about it. I use more formal words. I write the way I think. I guess I talk the way I hear people talk around me. Kind of strange. It seems like my writing style is more susceptible to my moods than the way I talk. It's more varied. I don't have the barriers in place that I do with the way I act with others. There are no boundaries of correctness, no rights or wrongs.  Am  making sense? I guess not...so I'm going to quit for today :D   

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