Thursday, July 15, 2004

Home sweet home!!!!! Came home to our nice quiet neighborhood, a big pile of mail, and a nice messy room. With being sick I just threw all my clothes all over the place, and didn't pay any attention to where I was putting stuff. A major rehaul is in order.

The trip went great, even though the bus broke down. It broke down at just the right time (if there ever is a right time for bus trouble), so we were able to fix it at our grandparents house in VA. We sang on Beefsteak Road (!), in Waverly, VA, at a nice church in Hopewell, VA, (due to a reference from trumpetherald.com), and one of the tiniest church buildings in the area, in Woodstock, VA. All the people were so nice.

During the many hours spent on the highway, my brother and I determined the reason some people use so-called 'bad english' is to save their vocal chords. If you say "that doesn't mean anything", you waste two extra sylables, as compared to "that don't mean nothing". Makes so much sense now. I don't have no doubts about the english language no more.

Home is sweet, but strange in a way. Everything is so familiar, but it takes a little while for the fact to sink in that we're home now, we're not sleeping at a truck stop. Nothing is moving, there's no traffic, no road construction, no noise. Whew.

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