Saturday, July 24, 2004

How in fact do those light up shoes work? Having been a curious child once upon a time, I cut one of my shoes up. It was quite a task, the rubber is VERY tough! So to save you the trouble, in case you are planning to destroy a pair of your own light up shoes, I'm going to document what I found. The capsule is in the back of the shoes, it's a sealed box like piece of clear plastic. Inside this box is a small circuit board, an LED, and a spring switch. The spring rests horizontally over a small piece of metal. When it is shaken (or stepped on) the spring bounces down, hits the metal, and completes the circuit. The LEDs light up, at the intervals timed by the circuit board. Pretty simple. Seems stupid not to have thought of it before I ruined my shoes! :p

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