Sunday, August 15, 2004

I have been neglecting my blog. I've been lacking substancial material. I've pretty much just been roofing, and doing mundane things. I signed up for the Massachusetts Motorcycle Safety course last week, for tomorrow and the next day, and then I called the instructor and he said he can't do it this week, another instructor will do it NEXT week. I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't happened to call him when I did. It's worth the $275. I won't have to take a road test, all I have to do is pass all the tests on this 15 hour course (10 hours of driving time and 5 hours of class time).

I've also been cooking. But people generally do that every day, so that isn't anything spectacular either.

I'm starting to sound like a friend of mine, and everytime I read his LJ I just think, Matthew, is this really your life!? Of course, my life doesn't always seem as dismal as it does as this moment, blogging distorts things sometimes.

Last week I found out a friend is expecting. I'm sooo happy for her, and it's so exciting. She's actually my boss, we end up talking while I work with her, so we've developed a relationship over the years. This will be her fifth child. It'll change things so much at their house. Her youngest is 7. April is the month!

I got a nice tan yesterday. Actually, it was sunburn. But it looks more like a tan this morning. I've got to wear sunscreen from now on. So far (in my lifetime, as far as I've noticed), I've gotten 3 sunburns that were bad enough to peel. Our neighbors were so nice, they came over and helped us roof (did I already mention that?). They kept going close to the edge and scaring the wits out of me. Well, not QUITE that bad, but they thought it was funny that I should freak out like that. They're both roofers by trade. Sooo..they're used to it.

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