Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Last night we played in a nearby band. I don't know why, but I'm getting tired of all this band stuff. I thought it would be an incentive to practice more, but I'm just finding that I have less time to work on my own. The few bright spots in band are the rest of the trumpet players. Some trumpet players I don't care for. They're egotistical, stuck up, and generally not fun to be around. These guys are great. Lauren is just starting out, and I don't talk to Ron all that much because he, like Lauren, sits all the way on the other side of the trumpet section, but Shawn, who I have played with forever, along with Steve and Tom are just such great trumpet players. The one common denominator is that they're all humble - they don't let their skills go to their heads. When I think about what trumpet players I want to be like, these people come to mind. There are many players that I know like that, people I haven't mentioned here, such as my teacher. I just wrote about these people because I played with them last night :)

Soo...I survived more than 24 hours off the computer!!!!!!! Yesterday I wasn't allowed to use the computer (for a rather embarassing reason) but we were so busy with the roof and all that I wouldn't have had time anyways.

I met JACKIE and ERIN!!! That is another amazing thing. They both seem like really nice people. I'm looking forward to seeing them all in Nov. at our concert in NJ (I'm meeting 4 (!) people in NJ that I've only met online!). All I need to do is start visiting Six Flags and NYC and my blog will sound like Kevin's. :p

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