Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The roof is almost complete. I am sooo happy!!! This project has been incredible. It's the kind where you are worn out and tired every night. Not to mention getting scratched, bruised, sunburn, sore, and the general itchiness you get from handling the fiberglass shingles. I'm telling you, I itch all over. This morning I decided to do something about the huge holes in my pants. Rear side. It comes from sliding down the shingles. Not to mention my pants were turning black from the old boards up there. Anyhow, I cut out the front of my left pant leg, cut it in two pieces and sewed two patched on the back. They lasted most of the day. Tomorrow my pants will be in a trash bag somewhere. Ok....so now when you do your own roof you know what to expect :)

On the bright side, we have a new roof, and we all worked together on it. AND, it's almost DOOOOOOONE!!!!!! yay.

I got my new contacts a few days ago. They are the Freshlook Dimensions. (check them out here, click on view colors http://www.1800contacts.com/product.aspx?itm=001436)
At first I didn't like them. They were too defined around the edges. But then when I looked closer, I realized they mixed with my own eye color to make a nice, um, tropical? greenish aqua. Very unusual. (But then, what would you expect with colored contacts!) And they make the white of my eye right around my iris light green. That's sort of weird. The color is nice though.

Well....you can heave a sigh of relief. You don't have to read anymore!! I'm done for today! lol

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