Saturday, August 21, 2004

Thursday we sang at a nursing home. Friday we sang at an outdoor concert. Today we sang for a class reunion. Tomorrow we sing at a Salvation Army picnic. After about a month of not playing bass, it's been kind of tough on my fingers. The first concert they were fine, then yesterday they hurt a little, and today they turned purple and one has a blister. I tried picking with all the positions I know, and then I even tried to pick with my first index finger knuckle. Not a good idea! They're still kind of purple, and they feel bruised. Another REALLY good reason to practice!

Tomorrow will be an interesting concert. We stopped at the store after our concert today, and someone walked up to my dad and said "I've been following your bus all around, trying to find out what group you are". He ends up asking us to sing, tomorrow! He called up the head guy at the salvation army church and got us in. That was incredibly unexpected. It reminds me of the way we got set up to sing in NJ in November. We just got off the highway and stopped at a homedepot asking where nearby churches were. They got us their phone number and we sang there that night. Now we're scheduled to sing there later on in the year. Pretty incredible!

I was struck by the way my 7 year old brother dresses. Today he had on navy blue suede-type sneakers, white dress pants, white vest, white jacket, and an orange and blue plaid shirt. It looked like those people you see in magazines, wearing 'the latest trends for men'. lol.

We had the biggest thunderstorm last night. It was really incredible. The lightning was lighting up the sky so often. Instead of just one lightning bolt, the whole sky would pulse for 5-10 seconds.

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