Sunday, August 08, 2004

Whew, this week seems to have been just about roofing. However, it is about much more. It's life. The incredible miracle of life. I am just in awe of how incredible what God has created, this whole thing called life and humanity. It just goes to show how incredible God is.

Which reminds me of something kind of interesting that happened on the roof a few days ago. We were moving shingles from one story to another, using a rope and a hook. There is a platform on the left side of house that I was standing on, letting the buckets of shingles down to the next level. I saw some nails on the roof about 5 feet away from my post, and I left to pick them up. I thought, I should really go back to where I was, because the shingles kept falling down in the very area I was picking nails from. But I thought, a few more nails won't hurt. So I moved farther away, and a few seconds later a bucket of shingles fell off the hook and came flying off the roof, hitting the same spot I was standing in moments before! I was just so amazed. Small thing, but it could have killed me if the bucket had hit me.

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