Thursday, September 09, 2004

I've been added to the BlogSnob webring. From now on, a link to a blog will appear on the left, underneath my archives. NOTE: none of the content is screened by me. Please use discretion when clicking on that link. The title and a short description will be there, but sometimes they can be misleading. Just be careful!

It's been raining here. Last night I was out trying to anchor a tarp over a place we were working, I got soaked to the skin. It was fun really. The tarp was over our bus, and I had to climb out a hatch to pull on the tarp. It was like a submarine! It was pretty dark, pouring, all I needed was the bus rocking back and forth to convince me. It reminded me of when I was younger, I'd go out and play in the rain. Sometimes the puddles were huge, and it was just so fun to go out and get wet. I remember seeing a glint of green in the water (a frog?), and with a little help from my older and wiser sister, thought it was an alligator. Ok...this stuff is just reminiscing. Not fit for public consumption. Isn't it amazing how you can have a dream of something so real, so incredible, then when you explain it the next day to someone, they say "uh, yeah??". Well...that happens to me!! I think it's the same with some memories of the past. They feel so real to me, they have so many emotions connected to them, when I try to tell someone else, it doesn't hold the same value to them. That's obvious I suppose, but today I'm going to point out the obvious.

For instance...look at Kerry's record as a politician. Check out this blog, and read the write up about Kerry. http://www.murkywave.com The scanned documents are especially interesting. (how much more proof do you need?)

I have been listening to Laura Ingraham, she is so interesting! So far, she's come across as the female version of Glenn Beck, with a slightly less commercialized show. She doesn't have as many people working in the Music/Parody dept. She totally cut down a feminist that called in, but I don't think that really takes a lot of talent. It's just the way the modern feminist argument is so weak! But...she's great anyway.

I just can't get enough of Glenn's music. I still don't know the words to his song. It bothers me, because I can't sing along :(

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