Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Niagara Falls is incredible!!! There is so much energy in that water, being continually dumped over the edge. The rapids are so strong, before you get to the falls. We saw it from the American side because to drive the bus on the other side, my dad needs a different type of license. I can't imagine going over in a barrel, and surviving. There is so much mist you can't really see what goes on at the bottom. There are big green rocks near where the water hits, they've got some sort of moss covering them. I believe I heard that every second, 1.5 million gallons of water goes over the falls. That's a lot of water! The most disappointing part of going was that my dad couldn't park near the falls, he just dropped us off where the busses drop off people and drove around till we were done looking at it. He needs to get his CDL so next time we can go to the Canadian side :) You can see the falls from the road there.

It is so fun to be with my (I hate my computer. It just deleted a very long paragraph up to here. (and yes, I shouldn't say hate, blah blah blah)).

Ok, so I'm having a great time with my cousins, and it will be hard to say goodbye tomorrow. That's pretty much what I said, only I used more words :D I haven't seen these cousins for 12 years.

We visited the Teddy Bear Inn, in Little Valley (near Ellicotville). Big Bear and Little Bear (respectively, Rob and Betty Wilmington) fed us supper before we sang, and breakfast before we left the next day. They are such nice people. If you'd like to vacation in rural (gorgeous!) northern NY, then stop there :)

Ok...this is all for now. I will update whenever I find a computer with inet :)

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