Thursday, September 16, 2004

We're leaving tonight! I'm so excited, but I'm a bit anxious. I shouldn't be. The other night we were driving on a stretch of highway that was deserted. I thought to myself, we're going to be on roads like that for miles at a time, without anyone around. With who knows what type of wild animals all around. No inet!! AUUGHHH.

However...I'm imagining that my friends might think of me now and then. As long as I can imagine it...I'll be fine :D If you leave comments...I will be sure to read them.

I'm sure I'll get in touch with them on the road, the ones who have email and phones that is. All of my friends who live in caves, I'm sorry :(

I will do my best to email/call/IM people as the trip progresses. Also...check with my blog, I'll do my best to keep that updated too.

Wheeeeeee.....here we go!

KK gets an official mention on my blog today. Cheer up KK :)

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