Monday, October 11, 2004

Hey! I'm in Peoria, AZ and the moment.

We hiked 9 miles round trip into the canyon and back, it took us 3hrs 45 minutes. It was a lot of fun!

I keep telling myself I have to blog about this particular thing, it is so funny. When we left on our trip, a spider had made a web on one of our windows, and we were debating whether or not to remove it. We forgot about it, and it has been with us the whole way! It just ate some ants this morning, once in a while we find bugs to feed it.

Oh yeah, and I ate a bee. A honey bee to be precise. Someone told me they'd buy me a reeses peanutbutter cup if I did, and I said yes. Sooo...I did. It didn't taste like anything, and I was allowed to kill it and pull out the stinger beforehand. Actually quite tasty. lol. It's a nice money making thing. I was once offered $10 to eat a grasshopper and I refused. Poor me. Next time I'll be smarter. lol.

Well...there's only so much time to be on a computer, so I'll have to end this post here. When we get back we will have a ton of photos to put online.

I feel like signing my name.


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