Saturday, October 02, 2004

Hey! I'm in Rye, CO. We sing tomorrow morning. This trip has been so incredible! The landscape has been ever changing. The mountains in CO are gorgeous. Nebraska was flat and empty (or so it seemed from the highway). IL, OH, IN, were all cornfields :) We got to visit our cousins and some friends in IL so it was really fun. Right where I am right now is prime bear and mountain lion country I've been told. A lady was attacked a few years ago in the area. They told us to stay inside or close to the bus after dark! We have met so many nice people on the trip. The mountains are just so incredible. Also, because of the elevation, our respitory systems have been effected. My morning runs leave me more breathless than ever, and it's not because of the breathtaking view of the mountains!

It snowed here this morning, the snow is still on the mountain peaks. We saw Pikes Peak, the elevation is about 14,000ft.

I turn 17 in only 4 days...yahoo!! It'll be interesting...I've never turned 17 before :p

I've been keeping a journal on my brother's laptop, I will make an effort to publish the whole thing online, unedited.

Until next time I'm on a computer, ta ta!!!

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