Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Here I am, in the wee morning hours writing away for my devoted readers. Wait a minute. It's 8:19am. Is that considered 'wee morning hours"? Didn't think so. But at least I got up today. Last night I stayed up finishing a book by Beverly Lewis, The Sacrifice (I just won't tell you HOW late!). Ok, I used to really dislike romance novels, but these are the exception. I suppose I had read enough trashy or boring ones to come to a conclusion that they were just plain not interesting. I read the first one (The Covenant), and didn't realize you can't just read one. So...I read the second one, and got the third one out from the library (The Sacrifice), and now I'm waiting for the third one to come from the library, The Prodical (librarian says there's a long wait on it :(

I'm drinking coffee at this moment, which is unusual for me this early in the morning. I usually drink it mid morning, because instead of being something I HAVE to have, it's something nice tasting I don't think of till I see the coffee maker. This morning it's fixed to be mocha, and it has some sugar in it. I like the way plain coffee tastes with just creamer. It tastes so good! But then again routine - even if a very nice thing - becomes boring with time, and it heightens the appeal of other variations.

I still haven't posted the Journal yet, but I will get around to it SOON. I've been busy cleaning my room, reading, practicing, and of course being online :) It's on my brother's laptop, so I have to go get it from him and hook up the phone line. It's a big job, and I'm not sure I'm ready for that in my life yet. I mean, you know how much responsibility there is there? What if his laptop should come crashing down, or lightning hit the phone line, and the laptop would be gone forever. Nay, nay, I say. Let this risk be not taken. Uhhuh. Well folks...I'll get it up soon enough.

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