Thursday, November 18, 2004

I was struck today by the aspect of so many lives being lived out on earth. It's like a million different novels, being lived out in real time. At this moment, someone has just become engaged to the man of her dreams. A baby has been born. A grandparent has died. So many things have happened, all over the world. It's just staggering to think about all the individual lives, and that God sees each person and their lives, in the million different facets, the emotions displayed, the lies told, the truth revealed, the life changing decisions, the noble choices, the unloved, everything. Anyways...that's what I was stuck with on the way to the dentist today.

I just went for a cleaning, but I mentioned something about the chip on my front tooth, and the dentist said to make an appointment for it (insurance will cover, until I'm 18). Thing is, I'm not sure if I want it done. I don't know if it will compromise the structural integrity of my tooth. I'd rather live with a chip and not have problems with trumpet playing.

I also stopped by the music store and picked up a new harmonica and some method books. A book with a gazillion scale patterns for guitar, and a book of etudes for cello. I looked for the Golden Gate round picks, but they don't sell them :( Guess I'll have to buy them online. On ebay, they're 12 for $18, $1.50 each. I think they're about $2.00 at the big music stores. The harmonica is the new redesigned one, the Hohner Pro Harp MS. I usually buy Special 20s but they didn't have any today, I guess this is their replacement for them. The case, core, and combs are replaceable I think. The case is also vented, which is a plus. Many of my harmonicas have rusted in the past, warranting their replacement. They also go out of tune, which is another reason for replacement.

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