Wednesday, November 24, 2004

It's no wonder society has problems! People complain about what's going on in the world today, and blame God. Imagine if you were given an intricate toy, or tool, with instructions. You just tossed the instructions out and forgot about them, and decided you knew better than the manufacturer how to run this item. Who would you blame when it didn't work?!

Working mothers and the public school system are big parts of the problem. The problems are so blatant, it's incredible that so many people overlook them. Another problem is, in some cases it's hard to go back; a single mom usually can't just leave her job. It's a perpetual problem. Years ago people didn't divorce like they do today. In general there were no single parents, unless one had died. There were no kids murdering each other. There were no STDs like there are today. There were no kids that were so depressed they went out and killed themselves and a few of their peers. These problems are all snowballing and it's worse for every generation. This is a problem. If you ignore this problem, you have lied to yourself or you are very hardhearted. Imagine if every marriage (one man and one woman!) stayed a marriage, and every mother stayed home and developed a relationship with her kids. Every child grew up with a father. How different a world would this be?

It seems that very few people would be able to do that, because their priorities are in the wrong place. If you are living for God with all your heart, then your priorities will be in the right place. People need salvation. This world is dying, and if you haven't been saved from your sin, then you're dying with it. I don't know why people who supposedly want to fix the problems we have in society are so opposed to considering this. Is it possible that even they have their priorities in the wrong place, not caring truly about society but only caring about their own freedoms to sin without immediate consequences?

What is even worse is the way the world has infiltrated our churches, supposedly Christian. People who claim to be Christians divorce at nearly the same rate as their counterparts. What a shame! We are to be the salt of the world, and be good examples of Christ's love. Get your priorities right please, and start living according to the instructions that came from the manufacturer. It won't work otherwise. You can't only follow part of the instructions, and assume everything will work right.

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