Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I have nothing funny, or articulate, or particularly meaningful to post today.

I picked up some books at the secondhand shop. One of them is titled Read Better and Enjoy it More. I've read through several books like this before, and they usually aren't that great. However, if I expect to make it through 50,000 pages next year, I'm going to need it!

It was 11 degrees this morning. Nothing but a little cold snap :p Seriously, I think I'm getting soft with all this traveling to the southern states. Last year we were on the news for being the coldest in the state (I've probably said this before). If I recall correctly, it was -26. It's not too bad if you just go outside for a minute, but if you walk a mile to work, or have to stand out there for any reason, you get pretty chilly pretty fast. It's worse when the sun is gone, the heat just disappears.

My brother has his snowmobile all tuned up and ready, all we need now is snow :) He bought it when it was running miserably last year and has been working on it on and off since then. I just have to get him to fix the motorcycle now. He keeps putting the motorcycle off because he doesn't get his license till next fall, but in the meantime, I want to have it running for next summer!

I want to write about something interesting. I'm not very inspired at the moment. If anyone thinks something is particularly interesting, post a comment.

Why am I so bored?? Got to go read a book or something.

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