Monday, December 20, 2004

I was going to go online to type this, but my dad has some pages open on our home computer that look like they ought not be disturbed.

So here I am on my laptop in the dining room, offline.

Yesterday we bought a router with 4 hardwire ports and wireless. I went next door and my neighbor set it up with his computer, and right now I am connected to the wireless network, and I can access the setup page. I can’t go any further though, we’re not sure how to open the internet connection. Our neighbor has been very nice about it, and I’m sure we’ll be able to figure out what’s wrong.

Something interesting was brought to my attention the other day. There was a remark made at a forum about the “we must shelter our children” mindset, in a negative way. I replied to defend this mindset, but I hadn’t really thought about what it entails. He brought up the fact that some teenagers who aren’t allowed to drink go out and become drunks in college. So what’s wrong with sheltering our kids? I think some people shelter children in the wrong way. Positive sheltering does not mean hiding the world from our kids. On the contrary, I think we should warn our children about the dangers of the world. When we’re asked about negative things in society by our children, we shouldn’t just make it hush-hush-that’s-bad, we should tell our children why it’s bad, and what the consequences are. They don’t have to know all the specifics, but within reason (considering age and maturity) we ought to explain the way things are. There is a very strong force out there that will do its best to destroy your children. You have an influence in your children, but the world may be a bigger influence if your children lack trust in you. If you lie to your children, then you will lose their trust. Don't lie to your children about what's going on in the world.

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