Friday, December 10, 2004

I was thinking about the makeover craze. Everyone (well, some people!) want to undergo a makeoever and emerge one of those lovely made-up creatures, having been transformed by means of a variety of techniques. Try comparing me when I haven't gotten enough sleep, hair not done, glasses, my salmon colored fleece with my worn-out-but-still-very-vidid pair of red running pants, to when I'm trying to look my best. Those people are trying to sell you their makeup. They don't really transform your life, and most likely will leave you with your pockets empty.

Why am I getting so aggravated with the commercialness of society? It drives me up the wall the methods people use to sell things. I suppose it's always been like that, only not on this scale. Advertising is getting bigger and bigger.

Does anyone know what the biggest corporation in the world is? I am wondering, and would like to know.

I'm up to the Cs in the dictionary. It's slowed to 1-2 pages a night instead of 5.

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