Saturday, December 18, 2004

Tonight it's off to the mall! We do two concerts a year there, usually a Saturday and Sunday before Christmas in December. Our concert tonight is at 6pm, tomorrow's at 3pm. It's very interesting to sing there. The crowd is not like any of the others we have anywhere. It's very diverse, but there is a large concentration of the 'plastic' crowd. By plastic I mean superficial. Not the people themselves, but their lifestyles, their clothes, their hair, their attitudes. I'm really sick and tired of people who follow after celebrities. Their hair is just like that, because so-and-so wore it that way, and now so do 100 other girls in the mall. Worse are the people who disregard others because they are not high enough in the ranks of 'fashionable' to consider good enough to have as a friend. I'm sick of the people who have put their trust in celebrities. If someone has great character and is truly a great person, then give them the credit they deserve. But just because someone has nice hair and plays a nice job as a star on TV, don't give the same credit - don't give them your trust. Don't assume because they look like a nice person, they are a good role model. If a guy plays basketball well, that might be the only thing he does well! If a celebrity endorses a certain toothpaste, regardless of how well it works, it is far superior to any other. The same works with lifestyles. If a celebrity endorses immorality, then immorality is accepted. PLEASE GET BACK TO THE REAL WORLD! Don't let your life be governed by these sick, imoral, artificial people who dishonour God and don't care one inkling about you - only your money. I know not all celebrities are like this, but there are far too many to warrant the ignoring of their effects on society.

Ooooook, now I've ranted.

The rest of the mall is quite fun, we usually run into a lot of people we know. We're in the atrium, usually we have a different audience every 10 seconds or so, with a few people who stick around for the whole concert. There are a few people who stick around for just a few songs and then leave. The worst thing to do is a slow instrumental. There goes the whole crowd! We usually have a lot more time than normal concerts so we end up doing a lot of extra stuff, and repeating one or two of the songs we got the most response from.

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