Monday, December 06, 2004

Who would have guessed?! It's snowing outside. We shouldn't get too much, but it IS snow. It's freezing though, it's 47 in my room. Actually that's only 3 degrees from supposed pefect sleeping temp. It sure is cold to play guitar, my fingers keep getting stiff. I came down and practiced double bass, but I don't want to get a blister, so I only practiced a few minutes.

Yesterday I did something new, I sang a solo. It has been YEARS since I've sung a solo in public. I was very nervous! While I was singing, I thought I was really out of tune, and I thought I had just done the most embarrassing thing ever. Then when I talked to my nearly-perfect-pitch-brother (has a very good ear but can't always pick out perfect 440 without aid) he said it sounded fine, there were only a few notes that were a little off. Thank God! It's really helpful to get positive feedback, because it's less nerve wracking next time. While I was singing, my dad was making sort of a face at my brother, and all I could think was "they're anticipating having to tell me that I can't be allowed to sing a solo again because I sang so out of tune". It made me nervous the rest of the concert. There's a good nervous, and a bad nervous. Good nervous makes all the notes come out perfectly, even though you didn't think you could play it that fast. It's like being asked to sight read a piece of fast music, and even though you've never played it before, the notes just somehow come out. It's more relying on your instincts. Then there's bad nervous, where your knees shake and your voice quivers and you can't seem to play anything right. I guess it was a combination last night. Next time I should sing "The shepherds feared and trembled, just like I did last night" to the verse of Go Tell it on the Mountain. haha.

The snow is still coming down fast! Some has already accumulated. Helloooo winter.

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