Sunday, January 09, 2005

As quickly as victory (actually, um, quicker) I have reached defeat. The wireless internet is no longer working. But will I let it get between me a my [few] devoted readers!!!!??? Nay I say, NAY I SAY!

It has snowed more here, we spent many hours snowblowing and shovelling. But are we discouraged? Nay I say, NAY I SAY.....NO WE WILL NOT [do you want to hear more of that] NO!

Ok :)

I suppose I'm in this mood because previous to this moment I completed 1400 pages of reading, sinc the 1st of 2005. Not very impressive, as it comes to 156 pages per day. But it suffices, as if I keep up that pace I will have reached well past my goal by 2006.

We leave in exactly one week for Florida. I can't wait! Snow is fun, the cold is fine, but the change is SOOOO exhilarating. And to think, when I come back it will almost (yes ALMOST!!!) be time to put seedlings in upstairs on my desk. We will be gone for almost 5 weeks.

I've been rather silly in this post.

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