Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Here are my brothers after their FREEZING swim; it was about 50 degrees out.


And today's journal entry:


Edgewater, FL
Yesterday we had such a fun time! A friend came from Sanford and played trumpet with us for about 6 hours. I was definitely inspired by his trumpet playing ability, I practiced a lot this morning. He had some really good advice about not over analyzing everything; just make music. I had devoted most of my practice time to very boring routines, today I played a lot more music than I usually do. We tried to play some duets, but my sight reading is so bad, we had to stop every few measures. A friend of his that I know was going to come by too, but I guess he couldn’t make it. All in all it was a lot of fun J

Most of the muscle pains I had are gone, the weird achy pains are gone too. I’m so glad. I try not to worry about strained muscles and whatnot (been labeled a hypochondriac before, in jest) but some of the pains I had were really weird. Anyhow…..not to worry now!
I’m having problems with my sound card on my computer. I have to restart it all the time if I want to play mp3s. Very disappointing. Overall, Gateway has disappointed me. I know I shouldn’t complain, seeing how I got the laptop, but I do wish it would always do what I want it to.

I sent out some postcards today. It’s hard to imagine how cold it is at home. I’ve got a sleeveless shirt on, and it’s gorgeous outside. The sky is blue, there are scattered white clouds, the sun is out. I’m listening to some - believe it or not - Christmas music. I can’t believe they call this COUNTRY music!!!! It’s supposed to be Nashville Christmas music, but I don’t really care for it. No wonder people say they don’t like country music! REAL country music is closer to bluegrass/honky tonk than this stuff. Oh well.

I wish I would take more pictures with my camera. I keep forgetting to take pictures with it. I got it in October and I still have 32 exposures left (39 all together). I like to take pictures, but I hate to take pictures that turn out bad, which is why I really like my sister’s digital camera. If I don’t like it, it gets trashed and I don’t have to worry about film.

Tomorrow we will be in Lakeland, and then I think it’s off to the Tampa area to drop off my grandfather at his brother‘s house, and we’ll be going - Lord Willing - to Bonita Beach.

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