Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I found out a good friend of mine has a lung disease and needs a lung transplant. I'm greatly saddened by this news. He apparently has known about it for some time but didn't tell me. I was shocked. He's about 45, not a smoker (as far as I can tell he never was), and seemingly healthy. I'm not shocked just because he seems an unlikely candidate for needing a lung transplant, but because he is such a happy guy. He has a hair cutting shop in town and all the times I have been in to get a trim he has never shown that he was down, or that he was upset. His request is often "Do me a favor, will you? Smile".
He's not a Christian, and I feel such an urgent need to witness to him; I have mentioned the topic before, but we have never discussed specifics. I feel like I have failed my mission thus far, merely because I didn't feel like opening up the proverbial can of worms.
His sister died last year of the same disease, and she was 41. Please pray for the situation!

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