Saturday, January 01, 2005

This morning I was reading Life in America's Fifty States, which details so-called quality of life ratings, including income, race and gender, housing, transportation, etc.

This copy was published over 10 years ago ('94) so much of it's information is probably outdated.

I was reading up on Hawaii, the supposed 2nd best state. They said that it scored 100 points (highest score) for racial equality, where 'minority groups have more clout than anywhere else." However it goes on to say "Minorities are actually the majority, with persons of Aisian heritage outnumbering whites by about two to one."

The minority is the majority? Talk about unfairness. I think that using the rating methods in place in this book, the state of Hawaii should have rated lowest, as whites (being the minority) have the least amount of 'clout'. That is prejudiceness, and the 'persons of Aisian heritage' should - in line with the PC ways of society - be outraged that they are considered by these authors (and the general PC public that agrees with them) un-equal to whites. When did the minority stop being the minority?

The authors of this book are implying that blacks, aisians, and people of other heritage are always inferior to whites. They are always, in the minds of the authors, the minority.

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