Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Today the weather is cold. It's about 2 degrees, and the wind chill is supposed to be -15 to -21. This morning we will be loading up, and then it'll be off to Florida, Lord willing. The trip has been going soo much smoother than it did last year; last year we were working outside on the bus in this sort of weather to get it ready and we just BARELY made our deadline, in fact we had to delay it at least several days. I will never forget installing the generator, in that 5 degree weather. The generator is about 600 lbs, and we had to make a frame and then bolt it in the bin, but the holes had to be rasped to just the right place, so we kept having to lift the generator, pull out the frame, rasp on it for a minute, lift it up, put it under, and shove it in and try it again. It was also dark out, which made it worse. But thank God, we got it in and working in the cold was a small price to pay to have electricity on the bus.

From now on, my posts will be less often, but they will most likely be posts made away from home, so there might be some interesting pictures, or about things that have happened to us on the road.

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