Monday, January 17, 2005

Tomorrow morning the wind chill is expected to be -25.

We leave tomorrow - Lord willing - at about noon, which means most of our loading up will be in that weather. Tonight the temperature is supposed to be 0, so we can't load up the items that could be damaged by that cold weather.

I think there is a second half to the "stand up for what you believe in!" phrase that is so often tossed around. The second half says "we'll let you stand for it as long as we don't think it's ridiculous." Often when I tell people about wanting to me a mom, they say "Just a mom???", as if "just a mom" was possible. Then they go on to tell me if my husband were to die, NO ONE would hire me because of lack of job experience. Thanks for your vote of confidence. Any career is ok for a woman as long as it's not a mom. I have a feeling I've been mispelling 'career' all along. My PROFUSE apologies.

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